Hotron HR-82C Activation Sensor

From : Hotron

£85.00 ex vat

  • The HR82C only protrudes 6mm from the ceiling when installed
  • The sensor consists of four detection rows; each rows contains six beams resulting in a high density of beams covering the floor area
  • Detection area adjustment is highly flexible; the sensing width is adjustable by using a mechanical lever, whilst sensing depth is adjustable by using dip switch settings to eliminate rows
  • Inner 2 rows have presence timer settings of 2, 15, 60 seconds and infinity (∞) to give the highest level of safety in front of the door, whilst the presence timer for the outer 2 rows can be set to 2, 15, or 60 seconds
  • The sensors microprocessor automatically takes countermeasures against adverse conditions such as falling snow, flying insects, strong sunrays and electrical noise
  • 4-frequency setting to avoid cross interference between sensors in close proximity
  • Operation 24V AC/DC, Normal open or normal close relay available
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