Weather resistant

Thanks to the solid construction, the Dynaco I-14P Panel sectional overhead door is wind resistant up to class 3 of the European standard EN12424. Insulated panels designed without thermal bridge reduce thermal transmittance and consequent energy costs.

Reliable and safe

This exterior sectional overhead door protects your premises against intrusion. Extra safety devices can block downward door movement to assure user safety.

The Dynaco I-14 P Panel Overhead Sectional Door, with its modern, sleek design, is one of the most stable and well-insulated overhead doors on the market. The door is made of panels without thermal bridge, to reduce thermal transmittance and consequent energy cost.

Dynaco Sectional Overhead Doors are suited to any type of building or environment, both with regards to function and appearance. They fully disappear under the roof when open, leaving the door opening completely free. The Dynaco I-14P Overhead Sectional Doors are designed to meet all operational and safety requirements in the European Directives and the standards issued by the European Standardisation Committee, CEN.


Conform to EN norms

All Dynaco doors completely conform to

Wind resistant

Wider door panels and panels with windows are reinforced with metal profiles that act as trusses.

Certified performance

Performance of all Dynaco doors has been tested and certified by a third-party notifying body.

Rigid and secure

Dynaco sectional overhead doors are ideal to protect your building when closed.

Features & Benefits

  • Energy saving

    Insulated panels reduce thermal transmittance and consequent energy cost

  • Wind resistant

    Up to wind load class  according to the European standard EN 12424

  • Remains operational even under strong wind

    Reinforcement with metal profiles

  • Made to measure

    Fully customizable

  • Electrical operation

    Automated operation, access control and safety functions available

  • Burglar proof

    Solid door structure protects your premises

  • Safe for personnel and equipment

    Safety devices to block downward door movement

DYNACO I-14P Leaf Construction


The Dynaco I-14P overhead sectional door leaf has 42mm thick horizontal sections, connected together with hinges. Each panel is 545mm high. The outer hinges of each section have rollers that run in the tracks. The horizontal sections are insulated panels designed without thermal bridges for optimal insulation. The panels are filled with water blown CFC-free polyurethane.

The surface of the door leaf panels is characterized by the microrilled steel sheet. The pre-coated steel panels (steel pre-coated) for the door leaf fulfill outdoor corrosion resistance category RC3 according to EN 10169.

Top seal

Installed on the top panel to seal the gap between the panel and the wall. The double lip EPDM rubber top seal is mounted in an ABS adapter profile for optimal insulation and tightness.

Side seal

Installed on the track set to close the gap between the tracks and the door leaf. The double lip side seal design with insulation chambers ensures an optimal insulation and sealing.

Bottom seal

Installed on the bottom edge of the bottom panel, to act as a barrier as well as a shock absorber. The flexible EPDM rubber material and the O-shape provides continuous pressure on the floor, ensuring maximum sealing. The bottom seal is mounted in an ABS adapter for optimal insulation and reduced risk of condensation.

Wind reinforcement truss

Wider door panels and panels with windows are reinforced with metal profiles that act as trusses. These trusses reduce bending of the panel caused by wind loads or when the door leaf is in the horizontal position and is bending under its own weight.

DYNACO I-14P Track Options

SL – Standard Lift

  • Building type: Most standard industrial buildings.
  • Benefits: Optimal design for common buildings.

The Standard Lift track set, with the spring package just above the door, is the most common solution

SLL – Standard Lift Low

  • Building type: Low ceilings.
  • Benefits: Achieve more daylight height with a limited head room.

The Standard Lift Low track set is a variant of the Low Lift where the spring package is installed just above the door.

LL – Low Lift

  • Building type: Low ceilings.
  • Benefits: Achieve maximum daylight height with minimum head room.

Same as standard lift, but with the spring package at the end of the horizontal tracks.

HL – High Lift

  • Building type: High ceilings. On the High Lift track set the spring package is placed high above the door.
  • Benefits: This track type allows high vehicles to cross along the door opening without obstructions of the horizontal tracks.

This track type is used when the space above the door is considerable, and is needed for work and traffic, e.g.: high vehicles.

HHL – High lift with spring package at the end of the horizontal track

  • Building type: High ceilings. Used when space between ceiling and lower edge of horizontal track is limited.
  • Benefits: Achieve maximum highlift with minimum head room.

High lift hardware with the spring package placed in the end of the horizontal track.

VL – Vertical Lift

  • Building type: Very high ceiling and high working space requirements.
  • Benefits: Allows high vehicles to cross along the door opening without any obstructions.

If the space between the daylight height and the roof is sufficient, with this track type, the door can be opened vertically.

Max size: (W x H)8000 × 6000 mm (larger sizes available on request)
Panel thickness:42mm
Panel material:Microrilled steel
Filling:CFC-free polyurethane (water blown).
Reaction to fire classification according to EN13501: C‑s3, d0.
Weight:Steel: 13 kg/m2
Color outside:13 standard RAL colors
Color inside:RAL 9002
Track types:Standard: SL
Optional: HL, LL, VL, HHL, SLL
Windows:Optional: DARP, TARP, DAOP, Framed section
Passdoor:Optional: In door leaf with low threshold and standard threshold
Electrical operation:Optional: Automated operation, Access control, Safety functions
Opening/closing speed:IDO7: 0.25 m/s
IDO7 HD: 0.18 m/s
IDO7 2H: opening 0.5 m/s, closing 0.25 m/s
Life time expectations:Door: 200000 door cycles or 10 years, when service/replacement program has been performed
Springs: 20000 door cycles
Resistance to wind load, EN 12424 (Insulated panel sections)Class 3 (DLW ≤ 4250)
Class 2 (4250 < DLW)
(Higher classes on request)
Resistance to wind load, EN 12424 (Framed panel sections)Class 3 (DLW ≤ 3650)
Class 2 (3650 < DLW)
(Higher classes on request)
Thermal transmittance, EN124281,0 W/(m2∙K) Steel door, full panel
(Door surface 5000 x 5000 mm, no passdoor)
Thermal calculations on exact door sizes and configurations are available on request
Resistance to Water penetration, EN12425Class 3
(no passdoor)
Air permeability, EN12426Class 3
(no passdoor)
Acoustic insulation, EN ISO 10140-2R - 25 dB
(no passdoor)