The SECTOR RESET is Ditec’s flagship self-repairing door.

With the SECTOR RESET, the motor is built into the casing with a cover in black ABS, while the vertical guides have self-lubricating sliding guides installed on a shock-absorbing spring system.

The standard opening speed is up to 1 metre per second, but this can be increased to up to 2 metres per second by choosing the inverter version, which also gives progressive control over the acceleration and deceleration of the door.

The curtain can be supplied in one piece with see-through PVC windows added in, or it can be supplied in modular sections with full width PVC strips added in as vision panels.

The counterweight not only reduces the load on the motor allowing faster speeds, but it also allows for an optional emergency release handle to be added, giving a semi-automatic re-opening of the door in case of emergency.

The level of safety devices supplied with the door can be chosen to suit the requirements on site, including safety photocells and Ditec’s patented Safety Linear Encoder, up to a full sequential light grid.

The SECTOR RESET is a versatile, modular door which can be adapted to suit a wide range of environments and types of use.




The fully flexible curtain without rigid bars allows the door to open and close fast. With the INVERTERmotion, speed can be differentiated and increased up to 3 m/s. The self-reinserting function of the curtain reduces the risk of downtime in case of accidental hit.


The high operating speed avoids the doors remaining open longer than needed. Thus, the working environment remains stable and energy can be saved.


The curtain is retained in the side guides by means of zippers that provide excellent seal. This minimizes the transfer of air and the infiltration of dust. On doors with INVERTERmotion, the step-by-step closing feature (SBS) makes sure doors can close even under windy conditions.


Thanks to the specially designed side guides and the continuous zippers, the door operates silently.




The unique, self-testing Safety Linear Encoder and the photocells detect possible obstacles and reopen the door when needed. The curtain itself is intrinsically safe, as it has a soft bottom and contains no rigid bars.


In case of emergency, a red handle can be turned to release the counterweight and open the door.



A Ditec door has a streamlined design. Large windows are available for maximum visibility. The curtain can also be printed with your own design.


The Ditec Sector Reset, with few moving parts and a specially designed side guide, requires little maintenance. Thanks to the self-reintroduction of the curtain and the absence of rigid bars, repair costs are limited in case of an accidental crash. Counterweights reduce the efforts required by the motor, resulting in a longer lifetime and less maintenance costs.


The small columns of the Ditec Sector Reset reduce its footprint and make it the ideal door for applications with limited space. The self-supporting frame and the absence of a side-motor allows for installation in a corridor or any other limited space.

Sector Reset
DimensionsMax. PL 6000 x PH 5000 mm

Min. PL 900 x PH 1700 mm
Power supply400 V 3-phase 10 A for single speed version

230 V single-phase 16 A for INVERTERmotion
Power of motor0,9 kW
Maximum speedSingle speed version: opening and closing at 1,0 m/s

INVERTERmotion version : opening up to 3 m/s - closing up to 0,8 m/s
Life cycles1.000.000 - heavy duty
Number of operations:600 cycles/day - max 120 cycles/hour
Extra featuresManual opening : semi-automatic by counterweights operated from ground by release lever; available on both sides (optional).

Frame: standard in hot galvanised steel.

Optional AISI 304 stainless steel bright finishing or smooth finish oven-baked epoxy coating
Recommended operating temperatureMotor + control board: - 5°C ÷ + 50°C
Curtain: - 5°C ÷ + 50°C

The limit of - 5°C is related to the PVC transparent windows and/or modular sections.
For further details on the use in cold environments, please contact our technical support.
Curtain materialPolyester fabric PVC coated on both sides.

Insulated curtain by polyester fabric PVC coated on one side and foamed on the other.
Polyester thickness & weightStandard curtain: 0,7 mm - 900 g/m2

Optional 1,0 mm - 1300 g/m2.

Insulated: 3,5 mm - 1300 g/m2
Vertical reinforcement stripsClear PVC
Not applicable on insulated curtain.
Thermal resistance coefficient5,8 W/m2K - optional 5,5 W/m2K

Insulated: 4,0 W/m2K
Noise reduction~ 12dB.

Insulated: 17,5 dB
Windowsclear PVC 1 mm, available:
- 980 x H 300
- 920 x H 1600 mm
- complete section H 920 mm
Available colours standard curtainSimilar to:

Red RAL 3000
Blue RAL 5010
Orange RAL 2004
Grey RAL 7038
Yellow RAL 1021
Green RAL 6026
Cream RAL 1014
White RAL 9010
Light blue RAL 5012
Black RAL 9005
Available colours optional curtainSimilar to:

Yellow RAL 1004
Grey RAL 7046
Available colours insulated curtainSimilar to:

Blue RAL 5002
Grey RAL 7038
Wind resistance classEN 12424 (test EN 12444) :

class 3 with optional SOW for all dimensions
class 2 : PL ≤ 3000 mm x PH 5000 mm
class 1 : 3000 mm < PL ≤ 4750 mm x PH 5000 mm
class 0 : 4750 < PL ≤ 6000 mm x PH 5000 mm
Air permeabilityEN 12426 (test EN 12427) : NPD
Water permeabilityEN 12425 (test EN 12489) : NPD
Closing door safety devicesEN 12453 (test EN 12445) :

TOP Safety Pack: Self-testing SLE Safety Linear Encoder* + built-in IP67 photocells
TOP T Safety Pack: Self-testing SLE Safety Linear Encoder* + IP65 sequential infra-red light barrier
Available Certificationscertificate n° DE/3627/10, Notified Laboratory n° 0497

Sector Reset