Powerful – Low Maintenance – Versatile

  • Double spring for additional closing power in the final 6°.
  • Powerful and strong, can open and close doors up to 300kg
  • Complies with European safety standards including EN16005, EN1154 & EN1634-1
  • Built-in display for easy programming without additional hardware
  • Tested to 3 million cycles

The control includes as standard a wide range of native functions, an integrated display, configurable terminals, an USB port and a the remote control inteface.

The automation is designed to be robust and reliable. The low speed brushless motor has a service life 10 times longer than a traditional motor.

The configuration with the double springs guarantees a smooth moving of the door even in case of heavy door, wind or resistance of the lock. The automation is
designed for an intensive use.

The SW80 is the automation for swing doors realised with a double springs, that allows the closing of the door even in absence of power supply. The big spring works during the entire manoeuvre of the door and guarantees a smooth movement, while the small spring works only in the last 6° of closure to overcome any resistance. The brushless motor minimizes needing of maintenance, noise and wear, with a service life that is ten times longer than a traditional DC motor.

Control Board

  • Advanced electronic control board equipped with a 32 bit microcontroller that perfectly controls and manages the movement of the motor
  • Practical alphanumeric display with keypad for easy adjustments, providing clear and detailed diagnostic information even at a distance.
  • Extended range power supply 100 240 V (50/60 Hz) with Switch Mode technology that guarantees high efficiency and reduction in energy consumption
  • Simple connection to power supply via a practical standard plug cable
  • Standard pre setting that satisfies almost all projects. The parameters can be easily modified for any specific need.
  • A terminal board for each accessory designed according to current European regulations that guarantees an easy connection of control and safety devices.
  • USB memory where the parameters and the operating information of the door are stored and allows to replicate or restore the same settings on similar systems them in case of replacement of the electronic control unit

Gearbox Unit

  • Together with the Brushless motor it generates a high force in order to move heavy doors and to contrast strong wind conditions.
  • It is designed to ensure maximum performance and total reversibility. It is considerably silent.
  • It can be moved manually.
  • It is equipped with two springs that allow the door closure even in absence of electricity:
  • The BIG SPRING works during the entire maneuver of the door and guarantees its mechanical closure with a harmonious and safe movement.
  • The SMALL SPRING works only in the final latch giving more strength to the final phase of the race, overcoming any resistance caused by locks, gaskets or wind.







Drive systemAutomatic swing doors with self-closing springAutomatic swing doors with self-closing spring, with easy manual handling
Reference standardsEN 16005
EN 1154 (closing force: EN4 ÷ EN6)
EN 1634-1 (fire resistance: 120 min)
EN 16005
EN 1154 (closing force: EN2 ÷ EN4)
EN 1634-1 (fire resistance: 120 min)
Dimensions88 x 130 x 540 mm
Max loading capacity300 kg @ 0.8m
200 kg @ 1.0m
100 kg @ 1.4m
Power supply100/240 Vac 50-60Hz
Durability testapproved 3million cycles
Power consumption70W
Standby consumption3W
Electric Lock supply12 Vdc @1.0a max
24 Vdc @ 0.5a max
Protection ratingIP31
Operating temperature-15° C + 50° C
Type of useIntensive use 100%
Opening speedmin 15°/second
max 70°/second
Closing speedmin 15°/second
max 50°/second
Interlock systemConfiguration for two face automatic doors with interlock system
Firmware updateUSB or MICROSD (depending on revision).
Latest firmware freely available from website