The automation system designed to last

Strong and sturdy for commercial and industrial applications, they can move gates of up to 20 m wide, weighing up to 1800 kg. The best choice for heavy-duty use, available in four different versions: 3 single phase and one three-phase. Versions with control panel integrated in the cabinet and varied limit switch options (rotary, lever-operated, magnetic) are also available.

For sliding gates up to 1800 Kg. Ideal for intensive use.

Reliable and sturdy

  • lubricating grease suitable for temperatures ranging from -35°C to +55°C
  • high-reliability control panels with sturdy contacts
  • irreversible geared motor to avoid installation of electro-mechanical locks
  • Safety-Test function electric brake and electronic clutch to guarantee irreversibility and precise stopping points
  • key-protected handle release system for manual opening and closing of the gate in the case of a blackout
  • vertical levelling screws and horizontal adjustment slots to adjust the automation system to the surface below and the gate rack.

Three-phase electronics from 230 V – 400 V guarantee maximum performance even under adverse conditions, thanks to greater dynamic thrust during the initial phase of operation.

Complete range

  • two 1800 kg versions without control panel, one single-phase and one three-phase
  • two 1800 kg versions with control panel, single-phase.
Electromechanical actuatorfor sliding gates up to 1800 kg
Stroke controlrotary limit switchlever-operated mechanical stopmagnetic limit switch
Capacity1800 kg
Maximum opening width11 m20 m
Service index4 - intensive
Intermittent operationS2 = 30 min
S3 = 50%
Power supply230 V AC / 50 Hz400 V AC 50 Hz
Power input3 A3 A3 A1.2 A
Thrust1200 N1500 N
Opening and closing speed0.2 m/s
Release system for manual openingkey operated
Operating temperature-20°C / +55°C
(-35°C / +55°C
with NIO enabled)
Protection levelIP 24D
Product dimensions (mm)440x205x375
Control panelE1A


galvanised steel rack, module 4, complete with mountings and screws