The LB series profiles are designed to give elegance and harmony to the sliding door, reliability and security for every type of application. The construction in compliance with the regulations finally allows to obtain the maximum safety.

The doors made with LB series profiles are extremely simple to install and, together with our automation, you can get the maximum performance in all environmental and climatic situations.

LB Series is available in three different versions:

  • ASSEMBLED – All profiles are machined and built, ready to simply slot into place. Ideal for a quick and simple solution;
  • KIT FORM – All profiles are machined to your required size and assembled the installer on site. Ideal for knowledgable installers;
  • LENGTHS – Profile can be supplied in full length (typically 5-6m) and fabrication details are provided. Ideal for aluminium fabricators.

Aluminium Door Profile Range


Frameless system for when the design is of the upmost importance. Designed for use with glass 10-11mm thick up to 120kg, this system provides a fast, safe and effective way for frameless glass via a simple clamping solution.

For thicker and heavier glass, LABEL also produce the frameless PLUS system which allows up to 18mm and 150kg in weight.


Sliding doors with LB18 profiles are ideal for indoor use or in settings requiring a door that takes up the least possible amount of space.

The profile’s special geometry ensures that the structure is optimally balanced and, thanks largely to the fluidity of movement typical of our automated mechanisms, the door will not be subject to any stress, making it practically indestructible and always able to provide excellent performance.


The brand new LABEL LB35 profile knows no rivals and represents the top of its class in terms of sturdiness, lightness and versatility.

Strength and resistance to impacts and to flexion are determining factors when doors are being used in extreme conditions, or, in other words, where traffic and the number of environmental stresses are particularly high.

Different types of latches and locks can be installed on this profile.


The LB50 has always been the LABEL profile most commonly used by large-scale distributors, in buildings with very high pedestrian traffic and in all crowded public spaces.

The automated mechanisms of these extremely sturdy doors are therefore of utmost importance.

Our mechanisms are known and valued for their power, but also, and most importantly, for the total control and silence they grant to our doors.

Breakout System

The integrated breakout system is compatible with the LB range and other profile systems to enable the doors and side screens to be manually ‘broken out’ in the event of an emergency event that requires the full clear opening to be provided for evacuation. The doors when linked into the fire alarm system will fail open and slide to the open position.  The doors and side screens are hinged, allowing them both to be pushed outwards if the mass of people becomes too great for the door only opening.   Even without the fire alarm connection and power, in the closed position, the doors are still able to be opened outwards.  This facility can also have important commercial applications in Garden Centres, Cafes, Car Showrooms or any application where large items need to be transported and the conventional opening is insufficient.

1x mobile leaf
2x mobile leaves
1x mobile leaf,
1x semi-fixed leaf
2x mobile leaves,
2x semi-fixed leaves
LB18 Standard Sliding
LB18 telescopic Sliding
LB35 Standard Sliding
LB35 telescopic Sliding
LB50 Standard Sliding
LB50 telescopic Sliding