Easy to install and versatile. With articulated arm for wing up to 5m or weighting up to 500kg.

Suitable for large vertical mountings, even out-of-plumb.

Easy to install and simple to connect up, opening to an angle of up to 130°, for intensive use and heavy doors.


Ditec Arc allows easy installation, can move even very large wings, and is available with 24 V DC power supply, ensuring high operating safety.

Ensures long-lasting operational reliability

Ditec Arc key release system is easy to access. In case of power failure, the 24 V DC version ensures some emergency automatic operations, taking the necessary power supply from the battery (optional). The ABS casing offers a greater resistance to atmospheric agents.

Arc BHArc 1BH
Electromechanical actuatorirreversible for up to 2.5 m wide wingirreversible for up to 5 m wide wing
Stroke controlrotary limit switch
Maximum capacity200 kg x 2 m
150 kg x 2.5 m
500 kg x 3 m
250 kg x 5 m
Service index4 - intensive
Intermittent operationS2 = 30 min
S3 = 50%
Power absorption24 V DC
Power input3 A12 A
Torque150 Nm300 Nm
Opening time15-18 s/90°15-30 s/90°
Actuator maximum opening130°
Release system for manual openingkey-operated
Operating temperature-20°C / +55°C
(-35°C / +55°C
with NIO enabled)
Protection degreeIP 54
Control panelLCU30H


gear motor side fastening plate

Ditec Arc ARCFB Adjustable Stop


adjustable stop.


key-operated handle with 5 m long cord, for remote-operated release system


mechanical stop unit.