Simple and versatile, with articulated arm for swing gates up to 2.3m or weighing up to 300kg

Suitable for medium and large sized vertical mountings, even out-of-plumb.

The 24 volt DC motor and virtual encoder permit constant adjustment of the force of impact and immediate detection of obstacles. The ABS cover ensures good weather resistance and, thanks to the highly aesthetic finish, adapts to all sorts of installation contexts. The manual, key-operated release system is in an easily accessible position at the front. It is designed to house a remote release device and gear motor release signal micro-switch. Version with built-in control panel and optional back-up batteries.

No problem in case of power failure

  • The key operated, easily accessible release door is built into the front of the cast aluminium casing
  • The Deb 04 device, which is easily operated with a cord, allows the automation to be remotely controlled without opening the door

Carefully designed with safety in mind

  • The shape of the articulated arm and its connection to the casing have been designed to avoid any shearing problems
  • Ditec Facil is fitted with built in and adjustable open-close mechanical stops
  • A limit switch unit can be installed to supply visual indicators or to stop the wing

Ready and simple to install

Ditec Facil features a built-in electronic panel which can easily be removed, leading to obvious advantages during the installation stage as well as when performing any maintenance on the automation.

After removing the guard, the see-through control panel enclosure can be taken out to reveal the controls.

 Facil 3EHFacil 3H
Electromechanical actuatorirreversible
for up to 2.3 m wide wing
Stroke controlrotary limit switch
Maximum capacity200 kg x 2.3 m
300 kg x 1 m
Service index3 - frequent
Intermittent operationS2 = 30 min
S3 = 50%
Power absorption24 V DC
Power input6 A
Torque200 Nm
Opening time10-55 s/90°
Actuator maximum opening110°
Release system for manual openingkey-operated
Operating temperature-20°C / +55°C
(-35°C / +55°C
with NIO enabled)
Protection degreeIP 54
Control panelLCU30H


straight arm


key-operated handle with 5 m long cord, for remote-operated release system.


mechanical stop unit.