The EM PSL100 sliding door operator is one of the most versatile, safe and reliable door operators on the market.

Its appealing design, high performance and a wide range of accessories for convenience, safety and security makes the EM PSL100 the ideal choice for almost any application, e.g. in healthcare, commercial and public buildings.

EM PSL100 can be integrated as a part in the EM Entrematic profile system EMPS or easily be adapted to a variety of other door systems and customer requirements.


EM PSL100 is designed to meet demanding requirements on reliability, silent operation and user friendliness. The pre-programmed control system includes a variety of settings and functions to optimize the EM PSL100 operation for your unique automatic entrance.

The prolonged hold open time (HOT) is an adjustable setting to prevent the door from closing and directly start opening at high traffic situations.

When two doors are operating in an “air lock”, the interlock function prevents the second door to open until the first door is closed and can thereby save energy and prevent draft.

The configurable settings for hold force in closed position, maximum opening and closing force are ideal to ensure proper operation also under tough and windy weather conditions.

Safety and Security

EM PSL100 is designed with safety and security in mind. Being available in three different safety versions, EM PSL100 complies with all major safety standards for a wide range of door applications including escape routes.

The basic version of EM PSL100 is applicable and compliant with e.g. EN16005 for all applications except escape routes.

For escape routes, the EM PSL100 ER brings additional safety features such as redundant motor power supply and optional back-up batteries.

To comply with specific national standards and regulations, EM PSL100 2M takes safety to the highest level. With two motors working independently, the second motor starts automatically in the event of failure of the first motor. In the event of power failure, the two back-up batteries provide power to ensure a safe operation of the door.

The pre-programmed control system offers several functions for a safe operation with EM PSL100. The reverse on obstruction function immediately reverse the door leafs if an obstructions is detected, after a period of time it then starts closing at a lower speed to check if the obstruction has disappeared and ensures a safe entrance.

The control system supports various lock-systems and different locking strategies to offer the highest level of security for your automatic door.

Depending of the application, type of users and safety requirements, there are a wide range of sensors, activation units and accessories to ensure an optimal, safe and secure solution with EM PSL100.

Automation TypeStraight Sliding
Performance LevelHigh PerformanceExceptional PerformanceHigh PerformanceExceptional PerformanceExceptional Performance
GearmotorHeavy DutyRedundant Duel Drive
Power Supply Input100/240 Vac 50-60Hz
Power Supply Output75 W150 W75 W150 W150 W
Carriage Assembly2x Steel wheels per carriage4x Steel wheels per carriage2x Steel wheels per carriage4x Steel wheels per carriage4x Steel wheels per carriage
Clear passage800-3000mm1000-3000mm
Max. loading capacity
per leaf.
240 kg200 kg200 kg200 kg
Automation size100 x 198 x L mm
(max 5760mm)
Number of opening cyclesTested to 1,000,000 cycles (4,000 cycles per day)
Opening speedMax. 1.4 m/secMax. 1.7 m/secMax. 1.4 m/secMax. 1.7 m/secMax. 1.7 m/sec
I/O BoardOptionalStandard
Emergency battery12 / 24 Vdc Optional24 Vdc Supplied
Protection ratingIP20
Operating temperature-20°C to +50°C
Accessories power output24 Vdc 0.64A24 Vdc 1A24 Vdc 0.64A24 Vdc 1A24 Vdc 1A