NeoS+ 1000 – 24 V DC Intensive Use Gear Motor Up To 1000kg

£832.00 ex vat

The Ditec NeoS+ adds advanced functions and exclusive technical characteristics including an evolutionary control panel for a more accurate adjustment of all the supplementary parameters and terminal points facilitating cabling operations and other functions.

In addition to the self-learning process, there are three pre-defined configurations for residential and condominium use and a removable memory where operational parameters can be saved for use on another operating unit.

Thanks to the dedicated terminal point it is possible to make a simple and quick connection of two Ditec NeoS+ operating units in a master/slave configuration for synchronised control of double-wing or interlocked automation systems.

Designed for Intensive-use, 24 V DC gear motor, for gates up to 1000 kg, With built-in magnetic limit switches.

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