Alarm Call Point Cover

£71.11 ex vat

The Euro Stopper® consists of a clear, tamper-proof, tough polycarbonate cover and frame that retrofits over the break glass call point. When lifted to gain access to the break glass, its optional battery powered integral sounder emits an ear piercing 96 dB (at 1meter). Immediate attention is drawn to the area and the prankster will either run or be caught.

The Glow Guide is a unique material that is embedded in the perimeter of the frame and illuminates in the dark creating a radiant glow around the manual call point making it easier to locate in dark areas. The Multi Kit® comes with one Euro Stopper® frame embedded with the Glow Guide, 2 coloured housing shells (red & green), 1 break seal and 2 label sheets in 13 languages. Available with or without sounder. If you require the product with sounder & relay, sounder & wireless or with sounder, wireless & relay it is recommended to purchase the non-sounder version and then further purchase the appropriate accessory to suit your needs.

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