Daitem Mains Powered Single Dwelling Wireless Intercom with Keypad & Proximity Tag

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Mains powered with rechargeable standby batteries, single dwelling multi function gate kit with integral keypad & built-in prox reader, call station: externally powered controller (12 to 24 vac, A7901 transformer available, or 12 to 30 vdc).

Requires 908-21X rechargeable battery in case of mains failure, 2 button translucent backlit external caller unit with keypad & built-in prox tag reader, includes 1 x SH804AX prox card.

Can be converted to 2 dwelling system by addition of DB722 anti-vandal faceplate & additional handset/s (SC100AU mains recharged or SC101AX battery recharged).

Kit includes: single button anti-vandal faceplate (DB721); white portable wireless rechargeable white handset (SC100AU) with plug-in ac powered base unit charger.

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