New Range of Gate Operators – Ditec PWR

On behalf of Ditec Entrematic, We at Insight Automation are pleased to announced the launch of several new products for the Gate Industry – The Ditec PWR swing gate actuators and the LCU multi-functional control panels.

Ditec PWR

New actuators for swing gates

Ditec PWR is the new range of electromechanical actuators for swing gates designed for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

The operators feature extremely high quality, robustness and bring a dramatic cut of installation and maintenance time.

The complete series is made up of: Ditec PWR 25, motor for door up to 2.5 m for frequent use; Ditec PWR 35, motor for door up to 3.5 m for intensive use; Ditec PWR 50, three motors for door up to 5 m for very intensive use.


  • Maximum safety: thanks to 24 V DC and virtual encoder technology (managed by associated control units), installations are safe and there is a constant monitoring of impact forces and immediate obstacle detection
  • Easy and quick to install: up to 60% reduction of installation time thanks to the unique MOUNTING TOOL which provides immediate accurate positioning and leveling of the units in a single operation (Entrematic patent, the only ones in the industry !!), the predrilled fixing plates and pre-assembled mechanical stops (just to be adjusted)
  • Robustness, reliability and weatherproof: solid aluminum die castings, sturdy brackets and fixing plates designed to withstand the torsion and shear forces created during the motor’s movement. Worm screws come with cataphoresis coating to prevent rust and an additional plastic protection (PWR 25 and 35) or dustproof brushes (on PWR 50) to further protect from dirt. In addition, the PWR range has successfully passed the corrosion resistance tests (according to ISO 9227) and UV damage resistance test (according to ISO 489-2).
  • Speed and performance: ideal solution for applications that require fast opening and closing operations with 10s closing time (at 90°) for PWR25 and 14s (at 90°) for PWR35 and PWR50






Ditec LCU

New Multi Functional Control Panels

Entrematic LCU is a new range of multifunction control units for one or two 24 V DC motors for swing gates. Two versions available: LCU30H for motors up to 6 A, and LCU40H for motors up to 12 A and advanced features.

Entrematic LCU control units allow you to easily configure, assisted by a digital display, the automation operating mode and continuously monitor position and speed of the gate, allowing fine tuning of acceleration, deceleration and breakaway current, the deceleration distance and approach speed in opening and closing.

Thanks to additional plug-in cards you can further expand the functionality of the system with self-monitored safety edges, a magnetic loop detector or Bluetooth module.

Entrematic LCU control units feature incredible ease of use (thanks to advanced self-learning procedure during installation) and Virtual Encoder technology (which ensures a constant monitoring of impact forces and the immediate detection of obstacles, in full compliance with 13849, with or without the installation of active safety edges).

And in case of issues, a datalogging, available via LED display (LCU30H) or via microSD and dedicated software (LCU40H), allows you to analyze the latest alarms history and greatly simplifies the detection of faults and related maintenance operations.

Finally Entrematic LCUs are champions in energy saving thanks to the Green Mode function which ensures the reduction of power consumption when the gate is in standby mode: less than 1W! (Standard on LCU40H; with accessory on LCU30H)