Christmas 2014

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers for their business and support throughout 2014, and wish you a very happy and prosperous Christmas period.

Please see below our Opening & Delivery schedules over the Christmas Period.

As always, out of hours support will still be available for those urgent problems. Please view here for details on how to contact a member of staff

Delivery Schedule
18th DecemberNext Day Delivery
19th DecemberNext Day Delivery
22nd DecemberAM Delivery ONLY*
23rd DecemberNo Deliveries
24th DecemberNo Deliveries
25th DecemberNo Deliveries
26th DecemberNo Deliveries
29th DecemberNo Deliveries
30th DecemberNo Deliveries
31st DecemberNo Deliveries
1st JanuaryNo Deliveries
2nd JanuaryNo Deliveries
5th JanuaryNext Day Delivery
6th JanuaryNext Day Delivery
Normal Deliveries Resume
Opening Schedule
18th DecemberNormal Hours
19th DecemberNormal Hours
22nd DecemberNormal Hours
23rd DecemberAM ONLY
24th DecemberClosed
25th DecemberClosed
26th DecemberClosed
29th DecemberClosed
30th DecemberClosed
31st DecemberClosed
1st JanuaryClosed
2nd JanuaryClosed
5th JanuaryNormal Hours
6th JanuaryNormal Hours
Normal Hours Resume

*surcharges will apply for all orders for delivery on Friday AM.