The LZR®-I100 / I110 works according to the principle of time of flight. This high-precision technology and the dynamic orientation of the LASER beams on 4 planes offer optimal safety in the door threshold and its proximity. The sensor is adapted to industrial environments and has a max. detection range of 9.9 m x 9.9 m.

Two separate detection areas

Safety at the opening and the closing of the door thanks to 2 separate detection areas.

Optimized for industrial environments

IP65, 10 m cable, filters door leaf deformation by wind force, filters door vibrations and environmental interferences.

Virtual push buttons

Possibility to create 2 virtual push buttons to open the door.


Replaces the current solutions such as contact edges, light beams and lightgrids.

BEA LZR-I100/I110

TechnologyLASER scanner, time-of-flight measurement

Detection mode

Presence ( EN 12453 Type E )

Max. detection range

LZR®-I100: 9.9 m × 9.9 m; LZR®-I110: 5 m × 5 m

Remission factor

> 2 %

Angular resolution


Typ. min. object size

2,1 cm @ 3 m / 3,5 cm @ 5 m / 7 cm @ 10 m (in proportion to object distance)


700 mm × 300 mm × 200 mm (testbody A according to EN 12445)

Emission characteristics

IR LASER: Wavelength 905 nm; max. output pulse power 75 W; Class 1
Red visible LASER: Wavelength 650 nm; max. output CW power 3 mW; Class 3R
Supply voltage

10-35V DC @ sensor terminal

Power consumption

< 5 W

Response time

Typ. 20 ms; max. 80 ms

Max. switching voltage
Max. switching current
2 electronic relays ( galvanic isolation - polarity free )
35V DC / 24V AC
80 mA (resistive)

1 blue LED: power-on status
1 orange LED: error status
2 bi-coloured LED: detection/output status

125 mm (L) × 93 mm (D) × 70 mm (H) ( mounting bracket + 14 mm )

ColourBlack / White

Rotation angles on bracket

-5° to +5° ( lockable )

Tilt angles on bracket

-3° to +3°

Protection degree

Temperature range

-30 °C to +60 °C if powered
Humidity0-95 % non-condensing

Vibrations< 2 G
Norm conformity

This product conforms to all applicable European Union legislation. Please refer to the Declaration of Conformity for further information.


Safety sensor for industrial doors with a detection field of up to 10 m × 10 m


Safety sensor for industrial doors with a detection field of up to 5 m × 5 m



    Bracket Accessory for LZR range

    BEA Remote


    Universal remote control for the adjustments of BEA sensors.