The CONDOR has a microwave motion detector and an active infrared presence sensor built in the same housing. The microwave FALCON-type planar antenna stands for a comfortable activation quality. The signal treatment results in an accurate precision to filter out pedestrians, cross-traffic and possible interferences. The active infrared technology offers a presence area where every vehicle and object standing still close to the door will be detected.

Accurate & reliable

The home-made planar antenna features an accurate pedestrian/vehicle filtering and a reliable cross-traffic rejection.


This detection area allows to decrease the door timer: it offers energy savings proportional to the number of door closing cycles.

Fast installation and service

The CONDOR stands for an alternative solution to induction loops with a faster installation and service.

Designed for industrial environments

IP65, rugged housing and protection against door vibrations and interferences coming from the environment

Supply voltage:

12V to 24V AC ±10%; 12V to 24V DC +10% / -3% The Equipment must be powered by an approved Class II SELV limited power source. This requirement consists of the need for double insulation between primary voltages and the Equipment supply. The supply current should be limited to max 3A.

Power consumption:

< 3.5 W / VA

Mains frequency:

50 to 60 Hz

Max. contact voltage:
Max. contact current:
Max. switching power:
2 relays (free of potential change-over contact)
42 V AC/DC
1 A (resistive)
30 W (DC) / 48 VA (AC)
Output holdtime:

0.5 s

Mounting height:

CONDOR: 3.5 m - 6 m; CONDOR XL: 2 m - 3.5 m*

Temperature range:

from -30 °C to + 60 °C (except for cold storage)


0 - 95% non condensing

Degree of protection:



127 mm (L) x 102 mm (H) x 96 mm (W)


ABS and polycarbonate


400 g

Cable length:

10 m


microwave doppler radar

active infrared

Transmitter frequency/wavelength:

24.150 GHz

875 nm

Transmitter power density:

< 5 mW/cm²

< 250 mW/m²

Detection mode:


motion & presence

Detection field:

CONDOR: 4 x 5 m
CONDOR XL: 4 x 2 m**
4 m x 4 m (emitting spots)***

Min. detection speed:

5 cm/s

5 cm/s to activate detection

Reaction time:

100 ms

250 ms

Tilt angle:

-8° - 22° (relative to sensor front face)

15° - 45°

Norm conformity:

This product conforms to all applicable European Union legislation. Please refer to the Declaration of Conformity for further information.


for mounting up to 6 m


for mounting up to 3.5 m

    BEA Remote


    Universal remote control for the adjustments of BEA sensors.

    BEA Spotfinder


    Tool for visualising the exact position of infrared curtains.