The LZR®-WIDESCAN sensor uses laser technology, based on analysis of time of flight. By generating 7 tilted laser curtains, the sensor creates a volumetric area in front of the door. One device can carry out 3 functions: opening the door, areas surveillance and safety. More than just a sensor, it improves the comfort and safety of the users and increases the protection of the door. The sensor is easy to install thanks to an intuitive app.

Volumetric coverage

A matrix of 64 pixels in front of the door enables accurate distance measurement and offers advantages, such as calculation of object dimensions and trajectory.

Door protection

The LZR®-WIDESCAN becomes your doorkeeper. It detects approaching or parked vehicles accurately in order to prevent any contact with the door.

Energy savings

Thanks to the reliability of its presence detection, the sensor reduces the time-lag and guarantees earlier closing of the door. The analysis of trajectory, height and type of object enable filtering out parallel traffic and ignoring pedestrians if desired.

Independent of floor and environment

Laser technology offers a high level of independence when confronted with weather conditions such as rain, snow, fog, etc.

TechnologyLASER scanner, time-of-flight measurement (7 laser curtains)

Detection mode

Motion, presence, height and speed

Max. detection field

Width: 1 x mounting height; Depth: 1 x mounting height

Thickness of first curtain

0.5 cm / m (mounting height)

Mounting height

2 m to 10 m

Min. reflectivity factor

> 2 % (of floor and object) (measured at max. 6 m in safety field)

Min. object size

70 cm x 30 cm x 20 cm

Emission characteristics
(IEC 60825-1)
IR LASER: Wavelength 905 nm; output power <0.1 mW; Class 1 Visible LASER: Wavelength 635 nm; output power <1 mW; Class 2

Bluetooth communication

Operating bandwidth: 2402 MHz – 2480 MHz
Maximum transmitted power: 12 dBm
Supply voltage

12 V - 24 V AC -10%/+20% ; 12 V - 30 V DC -10%/+20% @ sensor terminal (The
Equipment must be powered by an approved Class II SELV limited power source. This requirement
consists of the need for double insulation between primary voltages and the Equipment supply.
The supply current should be limited to 1.5 A)
Power consumption

heating off: < 2.5 W heating auto: typ. < 10 W, max. 15 W
Response time

Typ. 230 ms; max. 800 ms (depending on immunity settings)
Output2 solid-state relays ( galvanic isolation - polarity free )
24 V AC/ 30 V DC (max. switching voltage) - 100 mA (max. switching current)
- in switching mode: NO/NC
- in frequency mode: pulsed signal (f= 100 Hz +/- 10%)
1 electro-mechanic relay (galvanic isolation - polarity free)
42 V AC/DC (max. switching voltage) - 500 mA (max. switching current)
Test input

30 V DC (max. switching voltage) - low < 1 V, high > 10 V (voltage threshold)

3 coloured LEDs

Dimensions45° to the right, 15° to the left ( lockable )

Material / Colour

159 mm (H) x 208 mm (W) x 127 mm (D)

Rotation angles on bracket

PC/ASA / Black

Tilt angles on bracket

45° to the right, 15° to the left ( lockable )

Protection degree

Temperature range

-30 °C to +60 °C

Norm conformity

This product conforms to all applicable European Union legislation. Please refer to the Declaration of Conformity for further information.
    BEA Remote


    Universal remote control for the adjustments of BEA sensors.


    Universal mounting bracket


    Accessory for alternative mounting (ceiling, wall)


    Wiring accessory to replace a CONDOR, FALCON or MILAN with a LZR®-WIDESCAN for similar functions