Terms & Conditions

These conditions shall apply to all contracts entered into by Insight Automation Limited for sale of goods and shall extend to goods supplied in substitution or in addition to the contract goods. No terms, conditions or reservations stipulated by the Buyer
and no course of dealing shall annul, vary, or add to any of these conditions except in so far as expressly consented to by the Seller in writing.

  1. The transaction currency is Sterling unless other currency has been agreed between the seller and buyer.
  2. Customers to whom credit facilities have been granted must settle Accounts within 30 days net from invoice date, unless otherwise
    specified by the seller. Failure to follow this will result in interest being charged at the rate specified below
  3. There will be a charge of £10 made on each occasion for any cheque rendered in payment to be re‐presented or is initially refused.
  4. Overdue accounts will be subject to 8% interest, plus the prevailing Bank of England base rate. For further details regarding interest on
    late payments, please refer to the following: https://www.gov.uk/late‐commercial‐payments‐interest‐debt‐recovery
  5. All queries must be registered at Insight within 14 days from the date of invoice. If at any time an invoice is in query, it will not
    entitle the customer to withhold payment for any other invoices.
  6. Default on your account may occur if you fail to settle your account on time. This can have a negative impact on your
    creditworthiness. We currently share our payment experiences with other Creditsafe users.
  1. In the absence of any agreement to the contrary, the place of delivery shall be that of the buyer’s premises and the risk of
    the goods shall pass to the buyer on receipt of delivery. This rule applies on deliveries made to a third party on the request
    by the buyer.
  2. The seller will, if the goods are damaged or lost in transit, at the sellers option, replace the damaged or lost goods free of
    charge or refund the cost, provided that notification is received from the buyer within 3 days in the case of damage and
    within 10 days in case of a loss. The buyer must examine the goods on receipt of delivery before signing any consignment
    note and failure to do so by the buyer having given a clear unqualified signature for them will disentitle the buyer from any
    claim for damage to goods in transit.
  3. Every endeavour will be made by the company to adhere to the delivery dates quoted, but such dates are only estimated
    and are not guaranteed, neither shall they be a term of condition between the buyer and the company.
  4. In all cases of delivery made by transport other than the sellers, carriage and packing charges are made to the customers
  5. The buyer shall be responsible for arranging insurance for goods collected by their own carriers. This rule applies for
    deliveries made to third parties on the request of the buyer.
  6. Delay in delivery shall by no means entitle the buyer to cancel the order thereby render the seller liable to the buyer for
    any loss or expense arising from the delay unless otherwise agreed in writing.

The goods shall remain the property of the seller until paid for in full by the buyer. The buyer shall permit the servants or agents
of the company to enter onto the buyers premises and to repossess the goods at any time, prior thereto in the event that the
goods are at the premises of a third party, by the direction in writing: remove the goods from such premises and return them to
the seller forthwith.

All quotations and price lists issued are exclusive of VAT. All prices are subject to VAT at the appropriate rate. The seller is entitled
to alter the price list at any time and without prior notice.

Cancellation of any order or goods or any part of an order will not be valid after the buyer has placed the order unless the
cancellation is accepted by the seller in writing, in which case any prices quoted by the seller may be revised if so wished.
Returned goods will be subject to a handling charge. The seller reserves the right at any time if for circumstance beyond the
sellers control it is hindered or prevented from doing so. In such event the buyer shall in no circumstances have any claim to
damages or other form of compensation from the seller. The seller cannot accept returns without a valid returns number and the
original invoice number.

The seller reserves the right to amend its price lists, invoices and credit notes, etc to correct any errors of calculation, clerical or
typographical errors.

Insight Automation recommend that all installation locations should be surveyed and risk assessed on their individual merits, and
all factors regarding Health & Safety issues be duly considered, prior to installation.
Additionally and at all times, quotations, information, guidance or suggestions given by Insight Automation are offered in good
faith, but we would recommend that at all times relevant risk assessment is undertaken, as above, to ensure that any installation
of automation equipment and accessories meets the requirements of all relevant industry standards and recommendations,
including in particular BS 7036.
Customers should satisfy themselves that the purchase of materials from Insight Automation are suitable and adequate for the
project being undertaken, and meet the requirements of both their customer and comply with recommended industry accepted
In as much that we have no control over the final use to which goods supplied by Insight Automation are put, we therefore are
unable to warrant that the goods will be suitable for any particular purpose.
Because of time and logistical restraints, Insight Automation are unable to offer an on‐site support service, the service of
technical support by telephone is generally available within normal business trading hours. Where customers require assistance
with physical installations, Insight Automation are generally able to recommend competent Ditec automation engineers, Insight
Automation will act in the capacity of introducer only in this respect, and any arrangements made between customer and
introduced engineer will be outside the responsibility of Insight Automation.

The seller will pass guarantees as extended by the manufacturer or manufacturer’s agent to the buyer. The seller will not be
responsible for any guarantee in excess of these. Technical information on performance is supplied in good faith but the onus
falls fully on the buyer to determine that the equipment is usable for the application in question and will work in conjunction
with existing equipment.

Any contract entered into by the seller shall be governed and constructed under English Law and the buyer shall submit to the
jurisdiction of the English Court.

Where the situation arises that the value of an order exceeds the funding limit of an account, alternative methods of payment for
the excess amount will be requested. Should Insight ever have to take legal actions against the buyer, the status of the account
changes to proforma and the full account balance including any interest becomes overdue.

In as much as we have no control over the final use to which goods supplied by ourselves are put, we therefore do not warrant
that the goods will be suitable for any particular purpose. So far as statute permits and other express or implied term, condition
or warranty, whether arising under statute or otherwise, as to fitness, suitability, quality conditions correspondence with
description or sample or merchantability of the goods is hereby excluded from the contracted terms.

Where goods have been ordered and are not required, Insight Automation wiil accept goods back under the following conditions:

  1. The goods are returned within 21 days of your receipt of the goods.
  2. The goods have not been installed.
  3. The goods are returned as complete items, wrapped in original packaging, and in pristine condition.
  4. All packaging, fixing kits and instructions are as new.
  5. A re-stocking charge will be deducted.

Where we have been instructed to purpose make/assemble a special order or purchase in a non-stock item, Insight Automation will not accept the goods back for credit under any circumstances.

Special orders are not covered by our 21 day re-stocking policy.

If a client has a problem with equipment and it is still under guarantee, we will deal with the problem in one of the following ways:

  1. The part would be returned to us. We will then test it and either repair or replace as required. Any items returned in this way will be given priority.
  2. If requested we will send a new part without waiting for the faulty unit to be returned, but only with the following conditions:-
    1. The new part will be invoiced at the normal price.
    2. When the part is returned, we will test it.
    3. If it is faulty we will then issue a credit note for the full amount.
    4. If however, the part is not faulty or has been damaged, or the problem has been caused by incorrect installation/faulty wiring etc., we will inform the client and will not issue a credit note. The part will then either be returned and postage and packaging will be invoiced or will be disposed of as the client requests and with his permission.


  1. The equipment should be returned as soon after failure as possible.
  2. An Insight Returns No must be requested before return.
  3. All returns should be accompanied with a returns note and a full description of the problem.
  4. A copy of the original invoice, or the invoice number, must be given to us to verify the purchase date.
  5. No credit can be issued unless the date of purchase can be verified.
  6. All equipment must be properly packed to avoid damage in transit.
  7. If any items are returned with missing parts the cost of these parts will be deducted from any credit note.

We offer a free in-store take-back scheme of old WEEE items on a like for like basis when an equivalent item is purchased from us. For example, if an Intercom system is purchased from us, the buyer is entitled to return their old Intercom system to us (the WEEE item returned must fulfil the same function as the new item). The WEEE being returned must be returned to us within 28 days of the purchase date of the new item. We will then re-use, recycle or arrange to safely dispose of the WEEE.