Label Neptis

LABEL_newlogo An accomplished and versatile range of operators, the NEPTIS is available in 3 different versions to suit a variety of applications. The 120LET and 250SLT are both spring closers and are suitable for use on doors weighing up to 120kg and 250kg respectively. The 250SMT is a powerful motor closing version, again suitable for doors weighing up to 250kg.

All the programming of the operator is done using a separate digital interface with a large LCD screen. This enables the set-up of the operator to be done at ground level, as opposed to up a step-ladder.

Through the digital programmer, the operator can be adapted to suit a wide variety of installation types including demanding locations such as in hospitals, healthcare facilities, retail stores, airports and hotels.

A range of accessories including neck extensions, a battery back-up, and a clever inswing recess arm, maximise the suitability of this range of operators for even the trickiest of installations.

The Label NEPTIS at a glance:

  • Can be used manually and/or as a fully automatic operator
  • Spring closing and motor closing versions available
  • Hand-held, intuitive digital programming tool
  • Multiple lock management options
  • EN16005 compliant

Label Neptis Downloads: