Gilgen FD20

gilgen logo The Gilgen FD20 makes doors significantly easier to operate, and is highly consistent when it comes to performance, long service life and quiet running. From Light internal doors to heavyweight external doors designed to withstand high winds, the FD20 is adaptable to any situation.

A truly modern operator, the FD20 is designed to be easy to use. It can be programmed either directly on the control panel with its built in digital display, or with a separate programming unit called the BEDIX. It can be configured as low-energy or full-power, and has built-in functions for doors that are exposed to the wind.

Two operators can easily be paired together in a master / slave configuration, or as an interlock.

As you would expect with a quality swing door operator, a full range of accessories is available enabling you to adapt the FD20 to suit any environment or tricky installation. A choice of drive arms, mounting plates, neck extensions or space savers, and of course it can work with all modern safety sensors for EN16005 compliance.

The Gilgen FD20 at a glance:

  • Suitable for use on doors weighing up to 250kg, even with a wind load
  • Fully automatic or manual operation
  • Choice of programming on the control panel or with a separate programmer
  • Multiple lock management options and easy master / slave configuration
  • EN16005 compliant

Gilgen FD20 Downloads: