Slim – Powerful – Silent

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Entrematic PSW250 Features:

  • Super Slim 70mm design, ideal for limited space installations.
  • Powerful and strong, can open and closen doors over 450kg
  • Complies with European safety standards including EN16005
  • Very low power consumption
  • Double swing function for Emergency breakout situations
  • EL30 Fire approval (Push and Pull)


Overview: The PSW250 is one of the most powerful, safe and flexible door operators in the market. Slim design, silent operation, high performance and a wide range of accessories for convenience, safety and security makes PSW250 the ideal choice for almost any application, e.g. in healthcare-, commercial- and public buildings.

Appealing design and high performance: The slim 70mm design enables an appealing solution when available space for installation is limited, or when there are aesthetic requirements on the door system. Despite the slim dimensions of the operator, there are no compromises with performance. EM PSW250 can operate heavy doors over 450kg and ensures a proper operation no matter of air pressure differences or tough weather conditions e.g. heavy wind loads.

Convenience for all kind of users and applications: Designed to meet the highest requirements on reliability and silent operation, the PSW250 ensures an efficient and convenient operation of your automatic entrance over time. In the event of power failure, the PSW250 can be activated by a battery back-up and thereby continue to operate independent of power supply. Intelligent standard functions such as “Push and Go” and “Power Assist” also allows it to be easily manually opened. A wide range of safety sensors, radars and other activation units enables optimised solutions for your automatic door no matter of application or type of users.

World-class Safety and security: Fully compliant with European standards including EN16005 and offers a wide range of intelligent standard functions to ensure a safe operation. The optional Low-Energy setting limits the speed and force during opening and closing. When an obstruction is detected during operation, the operator stops and reverses the direction. EM PSW250 can be equipped with monitored safety sensors and thereby ensure a safe entrance during Full-Energy operation. When the safety sensors detect an obstacle during opening phase, it stops. When an obstacle is detected during closing phase, it stops and reverses direction. If a monitored sensor detects an error, the door is automatically stopped and shifts to manual operation. PSW250 is approved for fire doors, both for single doors and with its unique mechanical coordination unit also for double doors. To ensure a safe and secure automatic entrance, PSW250 comes with intelligent functions for electronic locks. The Fail-Safe mode locks the door with power. In the event of power failure, the door is unlocked and enables a safe manual exit through the door. The Fail-Secure mode locks the door without power. In the event of power failure, the door is still locked and ensures the security of the entrance. If there is an obstruction preventing the door to lock, the Lock-Retry functions repeats the locking cycle until the door is closed and locked. For double doors, the synchronisation function prevents jamming and secures correct closing and locking.