Ditec Sprint

Ideal for the domestic environment and designed for use on internal doors, the Sprint has recently been revamped and a new range of options are available so you get the right version to suit your requirements.

Still available with a light grey plastic cover, there is now the option of an aluminium cover for a more elegant appearance.

The battery is now an optional item rather than always being included, so where it is not needed you can make a saving.

There is also a version available without transformer, so you can power it directly from a 24VDC power supply.

Suitable for use on internal doors weighing up to 80kg, Sprint is the ideal choice for domestic applications.

The Ditec Sprint at a glance:

  • Ideal for domestic environments or other light duty applications
  • Easy to install and quick to set up
  • Choice of plastic or aluminium cover
  • Battery back-up options
  • 230V AC or 24V DC versions