Label Evolus Fire Door

The fire-rated version of the Evolus boasts all of the advanced features that makes the Evolus such an accomplished and versatile operator. The drive unit is then coupled with a robust 70mm fire-resistant frame fitted with Pilkington PyroStop glass and thermal expansion seals, giving a brilliant solution for internal sliding fire doors.

The doorset is constructed from a galvanised steel frame coated in a calcium silicate. This is then finished with either an anodised aluminium extrusion or in brushed stainless steel, giving an elegant finish to an extremely robust product.

All the programming of the operator is done using a separate digital interface with a large LCD screen. This enables the set-up of the operator to be carried out at ground level, as opposed to up a step-ladder. The hand-held digital interface helps simplify the set-up and commissioning of the installation, allowing parameters to be changed quickly, and circuits to be bypassed when not in use instead of needing to wire loops into unused terminals.

In this fire-rated version, the internal battery is used to ensure the doors close themselves in the event of a power failure.

The Label Evolus Fire Door at a glance:

  • Compact, powerful and fire-rated
  • Safe, reliable and aesthetically pleasing by design
  • Single and bi-parting versions available, all using the same components
  • Hand-held, intuitive digital programming tool
  • Fully EN16005 compliant