Ditec Valor

The VALOR is Ditec’s top-of-the-range sliding door operator. With an elegant design and robust components, the quality of the Valor speaks for itself.

Several versions are available to suit the requirements of your installation:

The Valor L will suit most entrances, with a capacity of 180kg for bi-parting doors.

The Valor P is slightly tougher being able to move bi-parting doors weighing up to 220kg, and is robust enough for use with break-out wings.

The Valor N is the most powerful version, suitable for use with very heavy doors weighing up to 300kg.

In addition to these standard sliding door operators, the Valor is also available in a Telescopic version, as well as there being versions available for hermetic doors.

A range of aluminium door profiles is also available. These can be made in 16, 23 or 45mm thickness depending on your requirements, and a separate 60mm version available for hermetically sealing doors.

The modular nature of the Valor means many accessories can be incorporated, such as a lock, a digital display and sensors, all of which can be built into or mounted on to the cover.

The Ditec Valor at a glance:

  • A modular operator – can be adapted to suit your requirements
  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Extremely quiet operation
  • Single, bi-parting, telescopic and hermetic versions available
  • Fully EN16005 compliant