Ditec Ten

At only 100mm tall, the Ditec Ten is an extremely slim sliding door operator.

The Ditec Ten automation has been engineered to facilitate a simple installation and to allow installers to work trouble-free, whilst satisfying the demands of modern architectural requirements.

Despite its small size, a vertical adjustment of 12mm is possible thanks to the clever design of its internal components. This important advantage allows you to correct for uneven floors or thermal expansion, a typical problem for metal structures.

The drive unit, consisting of the gearmotor, control panel and transformer are all assembled onto one bracket to make installation a simple process.

As with all of Ditec’s commercial sliding door operators, the EL20 control panel now comes as standard, giving a simple interface for all your activation and safety accessories, and easy to use controls for the movement of the doors.

Break-out doors can be used in case of installation in an emergency exit, or a redundant version of the Ten is available ensuring full compliance with the requirements of BS EN 16005.

The Ditec Ten at a glance:

  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Continuous use for demanding entrances
  • Quiet operation
  • Simple installation despite the extremely thin profile
  • Fully EN16005 compliant