Ditec Qik

The QIK traffic barrier is a tried and tested solution for vehicular access control.

Ditec have applied their design philosophy to the range of QIK barriers, to bring you a product that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

There are a wide range of applications where the QIK can be used, and can be combined with any number of safety and activation accessories to suit the requirements of your installation.

LED’s can also be added along the length of the arm to ensure visibility.

There are two versions we supply to cater for different of the widths of opening. Each of these is supplied in the 24V version, with the options of a battery back-up for continued use in the event of a power failure. The maximum usable opening is up to a whopping 7.6m (QIK80).

The Ditec Qik at a glance:

  • Two 24V motors available for different widths of opening, up to 7.6m max
  • For Heavy-duty use
  • A wide variety of accessories
  • Built-in release system
  • Optional LED lights
  • Optional back-up battery