Ditec Sector Plus

The SECTOR PLUS is Ditec’s advanced counterbalanced high-speed roll-up door. Compared to the SMART, the SECTOR’s counterweight allows greater movement speed, reduces wear of the gearmotor due to less load, and it gives the option of an emergency opening release handle as opposed to a crank.

The compact frame allows the SECTOR to be fitted in areas with limited head room, as the height of the canopy is just 290mm.

Different safety devices can be selected depending on who will be using the door. You can choose to add photocells, an electromechanical bottom edge, a self-testing safety rib with conductive rubber, or a full sequential light grid to protect the users of the door from impacts.

Furthermore, you can change the drive unit and control panel to the “INVERTERmotion” version, which allows an opening speed of up to an incredible 2 metres per second.

As with all of Ditec’s range of high-speed doors, various curtain colours and thicknesses can be specified, as well as different finishes for the frames.

The Ditec SECTOR PLUS is the ideal choice for a roll-up door where safety and reliability are paramount.

The Sector Plus at a glance:

  • For heavy-duty use
  • Opening speed of 1 m/s (can be increased to up to 2 m/s with the Inverter version)
  • Large choice of colours for curtains and frames
  • Various safety options to suit your requirements including an optional sequential light grid
  • Maximum size 6000 x 6000 mm

Sector Plus Downloads: