Ditec Sector Reset

The SECTOR RESET is Ditec’s flagship self-repairing door, even more versatile than the SMART RESET, more powerful and designed for intensive use.

With the SECTOR RESET, the motor is built into the casing with a cover in black ABS, while the vertical guides have self-lubricating sliding guides installed on a shock-absorbing spring system.

The standard opening speed is up to 1 metre per second, but this can be increased to up to 2 metres per second by choosing the inverter version, which also gives progressive control over the acceleration and deceleration of the door.

The curtain can be supplied in one piece with see-through PVC windows added in, or it can be supplied in modular sections with full width PVC strips added in as vision panels.

The counterweight not only reduces the load on the motor allowing faster speeds, but it also allows for an optional emergency release handle to be added, giving a semi-automatic re-opening of the door in case of emergency.

The level of safety devices supplied with the door can be chosen to suit the requirements on site. The choices include safety photocells and Ditec’s patented Safety Linear Encoder, up to a full sequential light grid.

The SECTOR RESET is a versatile, modular door which can be adapted to suit a wide range of environments and types of use.

The Ditec Sector Reset at a glance:

  • Self-repairing curtain – will re-insert itself into the guides if dislodged
  • For heavy-duty use
  • Counterbalanced curtain
  • Opening speed of 1 m/s (can be increased to 2 m/s with the Inverter version)
  • Various safety options to suit your requirements including an optional sequential light grid
  • Maximum size 6000 x 5000 mm

Ditec Sector Reset Downloads: