Ditec Traffic CM

The TRAFFIC CM is Ditec’s door of choice for large openings.

Extremely reliable, the double drive unit and modular counterweight system allows heavy duty use up to a maximum opening dimension of a whopping 11 metres wide by 7 metres high, or up to 9 metres wide by 8.5 metres high.

Due to the large dimensions involved, a modular curtain cannot be selected with this door, so it is provided in the one-piece version with the option of adding rows of PVC windows.

The hot-galvanised steel frame houses and protects the whole traction unit, and as with all Ditec automations is available in versions with oven-baked epoxy coating with a smooth finish.

Despite its strength it remains very compact, with a canopy height of just 200mm.

With the addition of a selection of safety and activation accessories, and a wide choice of curtain colours and thicknesses, the TRAFFIC CM can be modified to suit your specification.

As the TRAFFIC CM has a counterweight, semi-automatic emergency opening can be achieved with the addition of an optional release handle.

The Ditec Traffic CM at a glance:

  • For heavy-duty use
  • Opening speed of up to 0.7 m/s
  • Large choice of colours for curtains and frames
  • Various safety options to suit your requirements including an optional sequential light grid
  • Maximum size 11000 x 8000 mm, or 9000 x 8500 mm

Ditec Traffic CM Downloads: